As usual it's been a busy seven days in tech and our readers have been voicing their opinions on related issues. Here's the five most commented stories on PC Advsior this week.

How to save money online

Everyone loves a bargain, but some don't offer the value they suggest. If you're starting up a business or heading off to university, you'll want to minimise your initial expenditure. So we looked at some of the best ways to save money online.
Roy suggested Open Office was an excellent free alternative to expensive productivity software."Open office is free and can read Microsoft docs without any difficulty. The OO suite covers all and more compared to Microsoft, namely the database is included. Why waste money?," he said. Meanwhile, Manish said: "Another favourite option to send large files is File Apartment. Easy to use, no software to download or registration, up to 1 GB, safe, and secure."

Samsung removes Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA

Samsung was forced to remove the latest iteration of its tablet PC, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, from display at the IFA show in Berlin this week, after a court banned sales of the device in Germany.
Robertrebor said: "It is as bad as a certain software company wanting to stop Glaziers from selling Windows, because they had copyrighted the name".
Meanwhile, condom said "I'm not surprised they [Apple] feel threatened as the iPad 2 is not as good as the iPad 1. The new design is not at all functional and plugging the Apple gadgets for adding your photos etc cause problems as the gadget remains very loose due to the curved design."

iPhone 5 assembly has begun - report

Apple manufacturers have begun assembling the iPhone 5 in preparation for an October launch, it has been claimed this week. According to Macotakara, a Chinese source has reported that Foxconn and Pegatron have begun assembling the iPhone 5 in preparation for an early October launch in the US and a late October launch for Asia. Timescales for other territories are not mentioned.
However, Akinola said: "As the global economy recession bites harder amid "shaky" consumers' appetite for ICT products with corresponding decline in purchasing power worldwide, maybe iPhone 5 launching should be delayed till mid-next year iPhone5 might not storm the market the way Apple expected."

Ofcom promises improved wireless broadband with 'white space' technology

Ofcom published plans to introduce "white space" wireless broadband technology in the UK, the first European country to do so. White space broadband uses gaps in spectrum bands that have been reserved for TV broadcasts. These spaces offer significant capacity to help alleviate pressures on existing wireless networks.
Sirjohng said: "What's the betting that, despite what is being said, rural areas will be the last to get access. Additionally, as this will be unlicensed space, mobile apps will enable the bandwidth to be 'stolen' by 'phones."

How to clone a PC's hard drive

If you're about to upgrade your PC or laptop's hard drive or operating system, you should play it safe and clone your hard drive first. But fear not, we created a step-by-step guide to show you how.
Rev Willie Crow recommended Clonezilla as "it is free/open source and it works great," while DieSse prefers EASUS ToDo.
"Free for home and small business use. Clones, Images, Image updates, Restore to different hardware. Did my SSD setup where the version of Acronis (supplied with the drive) wouldn't do what I wanted."