It's been a busy week in tech and we've been reporting on a number of different issues from broadband speed maps to the increase in the number of illegal film downloads. Here's the five stories that generated the most comments from our readers this week.

Ofcom unveils first interactive broadband speeds map

Ofcom unveiled it's first interactive map that depicts fixed broadband speeds across the UK, this week. On the amp, the UK is broken down into 200 administrative that have been colour coded based upon the availability of superfast broadband in the area (24Mbps or above) as well as average broadband take-up, average actual speeds for both ADSL and the percentage of homes in the area not currently receiving 2mbps services. The areas in green have the highest scores across these requirements, followed by blue, orange and purple, while the areas depicted in red score the lowest.
However, not everyone was impressed. Patrick Millais said: "Sorry to be the pessimist, but if my area is in the blue section when we receive about 0.4mpbs, then the rest of the UK must have just got running water".

UK to follow US with website blocking?

Culture minister Ed Vaizey revealed at the Intellect Consumer Electronics Conference 2011 that took place in London this week, that the UK may consider blocking access to websites that host pirated content if the US brings in similar measures. Although anonymous wasn't enthralled by the prospect.

"So we're prepared to tackle piracy, but scared to touch pornography - I know which one does more damage!" he said.

Google Chrome hits 20% global share as Microsoft continues browser slide

Google Chrome's rise in popularity has been remarkably fast and it's just hit a new milestone: more than 20 percent of all browser usage, according to StatCounter.
Sirjohng agreed. "Chrome is measurably faster than IE9 and Firefox on my Pentium4 / 1GB RAM, Win7 Dell laptop. It comes up quicker, loads pages and grabs links much quicker," he said.However, Albert Finney disagreed. "That's because its only half a browser compared to the others," he claimed."Its aimed at the infantile market. But is pretty limited to those who really use a browser, These figures by the way are to be taken with a pinch of salt....someone trying to make a bit of sensationalism."

iPad 2 'Plus' could launch this year - analyst

Apple could launch a third-generation iPad before the end of the year, according to one analyst. Apple Insider reports that Craig Berger of FBR Capital Markets raised the possibility of an 'iPad 2 Plus' launching this year in a note to investors.
Smike revealed he wanted to thank Apple "for the little observed on 4.3. aspect ratio of the iPad".
"The now near universal adoption of 16.9. widescreen is good for most video, but useless for nearly everything else- black side bars and excessive scrolling being the order of the day," he said.
"Add the iPad's ability to rotate to 3.4 to read documents etc and we are back to a truely useful and versatile format."

Illegal movie downloads surge by 30%

The number of movies illegally downloaded in the UK has surged by 30 percent in the past five years, says Envisional. Research by the anti-fraud firm revealed the biggest five films of 2010 were download around 1.4 million times during last year. For example, Avatar is thought to have been illegally downloaded around 200,000 times. Furthermore, internet piracy is costing the film industry around £170m every year.
However, Jwarn, described the research as "Absolutely, Ridiculously, Stupidly Crazy!!"
"Now I have a piece of software to bypass the copyrighting whilst copying dvds onto my Mac, but that is only for being able to watch them while out and about on a mobile device, and not for any illegal activity."