From broadband speeds to revealing what we think are the top five pay-as-you-go smartphones, there's been plenty on PC Advisor this week that have led our readers to voice their opinions. Here's our top five most commented stories for this week.

BT to upgrade a further 2.5 million premises to copper broadband

BT announced this week it will upgrade a further 2.5 million premises in the UK to support its copper-based broadband service that offers 'up to' 20Mbps. The telecommunications company says that by spring 2013, 90 percent of the UK will be able to access the service, which is an increase on its original target of some 20 million premises, or around 80 percent of the country.

However, Steve was far from impressed. "How about those areas that aren't rural but are too far from the exchange to get a meaningful speed?," he said.
"I live in an urban suburb of a large north west town yet BT will not even guarantee 1MBps."

Dirk agreed. "I live in zone 2 in central London and get 1.5Mbps. Are those figures based on actual line speed or what you 'should' get from your exchange?" he said.

Group test: What's the best pay as you go smartphone for under £250?

After some intensive deliberation, we rounded-up the top five pay as you go smartphones for less than £250 available in the UK this month, naming Samsung's Galaxy Pro top. But not all our readers agreed with our choices. Rowan Moor sang the praises of the Orange San Francisco, also known as the ZTE Blade, which he said is "only just over £100 and has better specs in many areas than some that were included".

20% of Brits are unaware of mobile download limits highlighted the fact one in five (20 percent) Brits that use a mobile phone to browse the web are unaware there is a limit of the amount of data they can use. Research by the broadband comparison site revealed 58 percent of mobile phone users prefer to access the web from a handset which could leave many that are unaware of their download limits with high bills. Furthermore, 43 percent admit they never check their bill to see if they have been charged for excess data use.

Inicholson revealed both Three and T-mobile had allowed limits to be set on the usage beyond my prepaid amount of mobile broadband dongles both networks sent a text when the limit neared. However, it appears the network's aren't quite so kind when it comes to mobile usage on smartphones.
"My daughter has a smartphone on orange with 500MB of data. Orange refuse to set a limit on data usage and do not send any warning when prepaid data is running low or has run out. Why are they not obliged to let me do this in the same way that I can with a broadband (data) only SIM contract?," the reader questioned.

Chinese government closes two hoax Apple stores

The Chinese government shut down two retailers in the city of Kunming, which were thought to be fake Apple stores, this week. Three 'hoax' stores, which feature identical décor as official Apple stores, were highlighted in the BirdAbroad blog, which is written by an American woman living in Kunming.
Daibach42 was keen to point out that the phrase 'a beautiful rip-off' sounded like "the Apple business model" to him. Meow!

Ofcom: UK's average actual net speed is 6.8Mbps

There's nothing more likely to cause our readers to voice their opinions that broadband speeds, and when Ofcom revealed the UK's average broadband speed is 6.8Mbps this week, it was no exception. According to the regulator's UK fixed-line broadband performance report, which was conducted in partnership with SamKnows, the average actual speed has increased by 10 percent since December last year when it was 6.2Mbps. Furthermore, 47 percent of Brits have net access packages that offer advertised speeds of 10Mbps or above, compared to 42 percent in December last year.

Condom said: "Virgin Media was never shy about telling me I had an upload speed of 'up to' 8Mbps yet told me that my 0.5Mbps was more than satisfactory for an 'up to' 8Mbps service. What a cheek."Meanwhile, John added: "All I can say is it will be a long time before I will be able to get 6.8Mbps, my average is 1.7 and I don't live in the sticks.