It's been a busy week in tech this week. While the outage of Sony's PlayStation Network has dominated IT news this week (and our readers are pretty unhappy about it), there's been lots of other things going on, including the release of the Motorola Atrix smartphone and a new version of Linux.

Here's the five stories from PC Advisor this week that generated the most comments from our readers.

Sony apologises for PlayStation Network debacle

The attack on Sony, which has left its PlaysStation Network down for more than two weeks has certainly been one of the biggest stories of the week. At the beginning of the week, Sony executives apologised after it was revealed personal information had potentially fallen into the hands of hackers following the attack. Our readers were pretty vocal on the subject.

DavidArsenal said : "Sony u better start showing respect for the hand that feed You!!!! WE WANT THE DATE !!!!!!! ps.without customers it can be gameover". Meanwhile Blahblah urged DavidArsenal to look at the bigger picture, "Do you realise the extent to which your personal details, your date of birth, address and credit card details could be used?? Sony are working as hard as they can to get it back online. But they could just put it back online without fixing anything and this would all happen again, and more people's IMPORTANT PERSONAL data could be compromised," he said.

Linux just got cool

In an interview, Canonical told us that the latest version of its Ubuntu Linux operating system, 11.04 'Natty Narwhal', is ready to take on Windows but it looks like our readers are split of the news version of Linux.

Foo Bar said "I love Unity after a one week of use.". However Bruce admitted after playing around for with the beta version for a week, he was still on the fence when it comes to the new desktop, "which seems more appropriate for a tablet".

"There's a 'Classic' desktop option, but that will disappear with ver. 11.10. I may opt for Xubuntu, which uses the lightweight, and more straightforward, XFCE desktop," he said.

Amazon tablet may be close to launch

According to online rumours Amazon's one-panel tablet, which is expected to run Google Android, may be heading our way in the second half of 2011. Chris Jackson thinks its gonna be a good device.

"Amazon have something in common with Apple, they know how to deliver great customer experience from buying the product itself, customer service and using the product," he said.

"The Kindle is by far the best gadget I have bought in a long time and Im quickly becoming a big Amazon fanboy".

Internet Explorer and Firefox use continues to slide

New browser market share data released this week shows that both Internet Explorer and Firefox lost ground in April. While Microsoft and Mozilla trumpet their latest browsers, publicly trade jabs, and beat their chests at one another, Chrome and Safari are quietly gaining market share.
Paula George revealed that IE9 just wasn't for her.

"IE9 just doesn't work with my temperamental old Vista, and I have gone back to IE8 which is lovely for the things I need to do," she said.
"If I had Wndows 7 it might be another story, but buying a new computer at the drop if a hat isn't always easy for us silver surfers."

Motorola Atrix Android smartphone goes onsale in UK

This week, Motorola began selling its new Atrix Android smartphone in the UK. Initially, 420 Orange mobile phone stores said they would stock the Froyo 2.2 handset.
However, Al was unimpressed with the OS the handset is sporting.

"Releasing an outdated version of the OS again motorola? *tut* So it'll be another long wait followed by a flawed update which makes the the phone slower than a fat guy in the desert.....," he said. Meanwhile, elMarshall50 said the lack of version 2.3 of Android (also known as Gingerbread) was like "saying whats the use in the dual core processor"

"Overall, the phone will still be a failure in England as it has always been," he added.