The long-running News International phone hacking scandal is still being talked about all over the web, but that hasn't stopped some major tech news from becoming hot conversation for our readers. Among those stories that got our readers fired up was Apple's second complaint over HTC infringing its copyright and Microsoft revealing Windows 8 will need the same minimum system requirements as Windows 7 to run. Here's the five most-commented stories on PC Advisor this week.

Renault concept car gets Blackberry Playbook integration

This week Renault became the first car manufacturer to offer integration of the BlackBerry Playbook in its vehicles by showing off the Renault Frendzy concept car at the Paris Motor Show this week. The car allows drivers to connect the tablet PC to the centre console of the car and subsequently surf the web, access photos, videos and music and even business apps from the comfort of the car. Renault says the integration creates "an office on wheels".
However, Schwegmar was less than impressed.
"Lets forget the playbook integration into a car and solve the issue with not being able to use android app," he said.

Microsoft revs dump-XP campaign, says 'time to move on'

Microsoft made its most aggressive move yet to convince customers to drop Windows XP and adopt Windows 7, telling them that there were only 1,000 days of support life left in the older operating system.
"Windows XP had an amazing run and millions of PC users are grateful for it. But it's time to move on," Rose said, adding that the operating system exits security support in "less than 1,000 days," said Stephen Rose, the IT community manager for the Windows commercial team, in a post to a Microsoft blog.
Frank revealed he has a windows XP PC, which he's very happy with but also bought a new Windows 7 machine in a bid to get the hang of the OS. He said he found it "to be very confusing and a job to work out things".
"I am not so far impressed with it and now I see that both XP and 7 will be stopped with in a year of each other. No wonder Microsoft are so rich a company and like all the big company's do not give a toss for its customers once the get your cash."
While Inicholson added: "I run 2 home PCs - one a Vista machine and one with XP. I was thinking about upgrading both to Windows 7, but what' the point if it's only going to be supported for a few months longer than XP?"

Microsoft: Windows 8 system requirements same as Windows 7

Microsoft also confirmed this week the system requirements for the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system will be the same as those needed to run the current platform, Windows 7.
"In both of our Windows 8 previews, we talked about continuing on with the important trend that we started with Windows 7, keeping system requirements either flat or reducing them over time," said Window's corporate vice-president, Tami Reller, at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, which took place in California this week.
Josephestep said: "Microsoft lost all trust with me with Vista. Vista was a downgrade not an upgrade. Vista was promoted to generate income not to improve the internet experience. Is greed the driving force behind Windows 8?"
Meanwhile, Joe Raine agreed it is greed but said he welcomes Windows 8 "simply for a change of scenery".

Five of the best encryption tools

Equipping your PC with a firewall and antivirus tool may keep out most hackers, but doesn't guarantee your security. If someone gets physical access to your system (it's stolen, say, or a computer repair technician is snooping around) then the best internet security suite will be no use at all, and there's only one way to ensure you're protected: encryption. However, we put together five free tools to encrypt your data to ensure they can't be accessed by hackers, no matter where they're stored.
According to Lyndsay the only security needed "is making sure they [digital files] are backed up online".
"There, I rest assured of the peace of mind knowing that no disaster can hack into my digital life. I backup at SafeCopy Backup. They have free 3GB account for life," she said.
Meanwhile Graham revealed he use's Ashampoo's Magical Security 2.02 and finds it "very fast and reliable"
"A number of US-based encryption tools had problems with secrecy of data because of an attempt by their government to require a turnkey for any home produced encryption systems," he added.

Apple accuses HTC of infringing patents

Apple got in on the action this week by filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) accusing HTC of infringing its patents. A description of the technology covered in the complaint, which was filed on July 8, has not been made available.
Paul Swift said the move "shows that Apple sees HTC as a threat and helps to publicise HTC to people who may not have heard of them yet"."HTC have a hoard of powerful and beautiful phones to chose from, Apple...err 1 or 2. If Apple ruled the world, we'd all be the same," he said.
Meanwhile, Stevens Job said: "Apple must understand that other companies are allowed to make smartphones, they cant copyright that."
"Anyway what are they worried about; the fact that they may have left too much crust from their Apple pie? Actually we all know Google will win this war with Android just like Microsoft did with windows, its about the software and the price."