Whether it's fixing a computer for family or friends or just the simple fact that the worse the website, the sleazier the adds, there are certain rules of technology that must be obeyed. We've rounded up our favourite 36.

When it comes to technology, there are all sort of rules and physical laws that affect how technology works, just ask Intel-founder Gordon Moore. However, there's also a host of unwritten unofficial laws that govern your technological experience.

We've rounded up our favourite 36, to ensure you're clued up and an honourable tech citizen.

Basic PC laws

Let's start with the computer.

Law 1: For every fix that a Windows Update patches, the update will break two more things on your PC - Darren Gladstone, PC World.

Law 2: The likelihood that Windows will automatically install time-sucking critical updates is directly proportional to your need to get your PC started - Steve Fox, PC World.

Law 3: The hard drive always fails just before you were going to back it up - Denise Paolucci, Dreamwidth Studios via Help A Reporter Out (HARO).

Law 4: Your data will get corrupted just before you plug in your new backup external drive - Darren Gladstone, PC World.

Law 5: Your backup plan is only as good as your last successful restore - Michael Fisher, ElephantDrive.com via HARO.

Law 6: The number of USB ports on your Mac will always be one less than you need at any given time - Blair Hanley Frank, Macworld.

Law 7: Feeling time pressure to make a computer fix quickly will cause you to take longer - David Marshak, via PC World Facebook page.

Law 8: If you close the PC case with screws before testing, it won't work; if you test before closing, it will - Harry Liebman via HARO.

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