PC games can be expensive. Fear not, we've rounded up a selection of the best free games downloads out there, ensuring you can game on without burning a hole in your wallet.

When it comes to gaming on your PC, it can be very expensive. Even if you're not looking for brand-new titles, games can still leave a fairly big hole in your wallet. So with this in mind, we've rounded up 10 puzzles and games that are completely free.

No matter how you like to play on your PC, you'll find something appealing in this collection, and you won't have to spend a penny.

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Action and strategy games

If you've got game (or you just think you do), we've got games for you. In the mood for something goofy? Try the hilarious Chicken Invaders. We also have a fighting game and a bowling title, as well as the classic game of Othello for those times when you'd rather test your wits, not your reflexes.

Bowling PC
Here's a way to go bowling without having to wear horrible shoes. Bowling PC, a cinematic-looking 3D game, is exceedingly simple to play. You control the ball's placement by using the arrow keys, and then you use other keys to determine when and where to throw it to knock down the pins.

You can play against the computer, or against other people on your PC. The game offers plenty of options, too, such as for which ball design to use, whether to play rock music and which angle the camera should take to track the ball and the game.

One nice touch is the set of audio effects that mimic how a bowling ball sounds as it heads down the alley, and when it hits the pins.

Chicken Invaders
This game is as ridiculously, pointlessly entertaining as the name implies. It's a takeoff on the classic Space Invaders, except instead of firing at rows of advancing aliens, you have to eliminate rows of hostile fowl.

As you shoot them down (producing drumsticks in the process), they launch their own weapons at you - eggs in the lower levels, with the addition of chicken feathers at higher levels. Each wave of marauding chickens is increasingly dangerous, and on some levels you also have to dodge asteroids and fend off giant monster chickens.

This throwback game is as simple as it gets. Just move your spaceship with the arrow keys, and shoot your weapon by pressing the spacebar - that's all you need to know.

Everything about the game is entertaining and campy, beginning with Strauss's 'Also sprach Zarathustra' (made famous by 2001: A Space Odyssey), and moving on to the majestic text telling the back story, much as Star Wars began. This game won't keep you occupied for a long time, but when you have 10 minutes to spare, it can't be beat.

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