78% of consumers in Asia-Pacific experience technical issues when browsing sites on their smartphones.

A new Asia-Pacific mcommerce study from Rackspace shows that 84% of consumers use their smartphones to browse mcommerce sites each week.

Problems faced during browsing have made a significant impact on consumers, their purchasing decisions and how they view the company.

28% of 1200 respondents aged between 22-44 across Hong Kong, Singapore and India said they would not make purchases from an mcommerce site if they experience a technical issue.

93% of consumers said they think about the brand differently if its website consistently has problems.

"Ecommerce companies need to realize the severity of poorly managed mcommerce sites and the impact it's having on consumers. Downtime or timed-out errors are not only causing consumer frustrations, but they're also enabling consumers to forgo purchasing," said Ajit Melarkode, managing director of Rackspace Asia Pacific. "A five second delay in page loading can be the difference in a sale or not."

Slow page loading

73% of consumers in Hong Kong, 54% in India and 58% in Singapore cited slow page loading as the top most challenge amongst server-related technical problems.

40% of consumers in Hong Kong, 31% in India and 46% in Singapore said they struggle with scaling issues.

97% of consumers felt a level of frustration with websites, and one-fifth close the site if they experienced a technical problem.

40% of consumers said they would wait 6-10 seconds for the webpage to load before leaving the site. A quarter said they would wait longer than 15 seconds for a webpage to load before leaving.

Adam McCarthy, director and general manager of Rackspace Asia suggests companies to partner with an IT hosting partner that can manage, scale and support their site.

"Companies need to build a premium mobile experience for their customers that is built on speed, security and reliability while simultaneously fixing any IT issues that arise in real-time."