UK ISP TalkTalk has revealed it may offer its TalkTalk TV service through Project Canvas.

Project Canvas is a BBC venture, which has the backing of ITV, Channel 4 and Five as well as TalkTalk and BT , and will allow users to watch catch-up TV services such as the BBC iPlayer as well as standard TV services over an internet-connected set-top box.

The venture has already been given a preliminary go-ahead by the BBC Trust but now faces an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) following concerns raised by rivals Sky and Virgin Media.

TalkTalk TV offers 70 digital TV and radio channels along with a movie rental service and over 350 free on demand programmes.

The ISP inherited the TV service after it purchased UK ISP Tiscali last year and has continued to support it, afterrebranding it as TalkTalk TV.

It's set to be a busy year for the UK ISP after it revealed it will be rolling out parental controls, URL filtering and anti-malware technology to all its customers.

The security provisions are being installed on TalkTalk's network, ensuring any PC using a TalkTalk broadband connection will be protected without users being required to install software on each PC in the home.

The ISP said parents would be able to block individual URLs or website categories, such as social networks, forums, online shopping etc. It has yet to reveal pricing and exact details of how users can access the services.

Currently, TalkTalk offers a 'Magic Desktop' which is aimed at ensuring younger children can surf the web and email safely.

However, TalkTalk said the new parental controls could be used for children of all ages.

The ISP is also planning to launch a mobile phone service later this year.

The service, which will piggyback on one of the five UK networks, will offer call and text packages as well as mobile broadband services.

TalkTalk said it would unveil further details about the service in the coming months.

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