Over 90 percent of Brits feel they are paying for services in their broadband package that they don't use, so with this in mind TalkTalk is launching a broadband product that allows consumers to add on the services they want to use.

myTalkTalk comprises 'Essential' - a base package that offers users up to 8MB broadband access, a 40GB monthly download allowance, unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and a free wireless router. This is priced at £6.49 plus £10.50 line rental.

Consumers can then choose to add-on any of six 'Boosts' designed to ensure they get the package that suits them. Priced at £4 each, the 'Boosts' include Download Plus, which increases the monthly download limit to 80GB, Speed Boost that ensures consumers can go beyond 8MB to the maximum speed their line can handle, Security Boost that makes up to three PCs in the house fully protected and half price mobile calls.

Consumers are tied into an 18-month contract for the broadband aspect of the package, but users can add or remove boosts whenever they like in seconds from their online account.

"People's communication needs are constantly changing and we need to provide a phone and broadband service that reflects," said Wendy Becker, managing director of the TalkTalk group.

Commenting on the myTalkTalk launch, Michael Phillips, Product Director at BroadbandChoices, said: “We welcome this innovation from TalkTalk, in particular the way in which it allows customers the flexibility of building a home phone and broadband package tailored to their specific needs.

"The ability to add or remove services, the ‘speed boost’ being one example, without being contractually tied-in is a positive change from the norm. Furthermore, the superfast broadband booster service is the cheapest available in the current market."

TalkTalk also plans to release new 'Boosts' in the future. New customers will be subject to a £29.99 connection fee. myTalkTalk will be available from November 18.

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