Tablets are four times more likely to be used for online shopping as compared to smartphones, according to the latest E-commerce Index from online marketplace Rakuten.

According to the global study which looked at the shopping trends of 14 markets, tablet usage grew by 41.9 percent while the use of smartphones saw a 9.7 percent increase last year.

"Just four years after the launch of Apple's iPad, tablets are fast-becoming the most popular device for shopping online," said Shingo Okamoto, head of e-commerce for Rakuten Singapore. "With tablet's larger displays offering a more enjoyable experience than most smartphones, it seems bigger is better," he added.

PC still reigns

Despite the growth of mobile commerce, most shoppers still prefer accessing retail sites via PCs. According to the study, 81.8 percent of the shoppers globally shop online using a PC, as opposed to the 13.8 percent who do so through their mobile devices.

In line with the global trend, 82.5 percent of Singaporeans were found to shop online using a PC while only 14.7 percent use a mobile device. Singaporean shoppers were also found to prefer smartphones (8 percent) to tablet (5.4 percent) as their mobile device of choice.