Average broadband speeds have dropped for the first time since December 2008, says Broadband.co.uk.

According to analysts at the website, the results were calculated from thousands of speed tests taken at the website during April this year and showed the average broadband speed in the UK is 4.26Mbps.

"The drop may be small at around 0.1Mbps, but it's still a concern for the majority of broadband users as the drop would have been even steeper if it wasn't for the exceptional performance put in by Virgin Media," says Edd Dawson, editor of broadband.co.uk.

Virgin Media came in top with an average speed of 6.73Mbps, although the ISP was quickly followed by Be/O2, whose users were on average receiving 5.31Mbps and Orange with 3.41Mbps.

Broadband.co.uk's results are in-line with a report from Ofcom that was published last week. Ofcom said the average UK broadband speed was 4.1Mbps in April, an increase on speeds achieved in January.

"It was encouraging to see the results of the Ofcom survey mirroring the accuracy of broadband.co.uk's previously published reports showing the average speed increasing from 3.6Mbps in January to 4.1Mbps in April 2009. We feel it's crucial that broadband consumers are able to monitor the performance of ISP's which is why we will be continuing to publish our speed test results on a monthly basis," added Dawson.

Broadband speed tester

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