IP Vision has made Sky's catch up TV-service, Sky Player, available through its Fetch TV Freeview set-top box.

Sky Player allows viewers to watch TV shows as they are being broadcast on Sky channels such as Sky Sports, Sky 1, G.O.L.D, MTV and Disney, as well as providing access to a range of on-demand programmes and movies.

Subscribers to Sky's satellite TV service can watch the programmes that fall into their TV pack on Sky Player for free, while non-Sky customers can either purchase an online monthly subscription, which is priced from £15, or on a pay-per-view basis.

The Fetch TV SmartBox now allows viewers to watch Sky Player

Until now, Sky Player was only available via a PC with internet access and through Xbox games consoles.

The Sky Player service will be available to both existing Fetch TV users and new customers.

As well as offering access to TV channels, the Fetch TV Smartbox allows users to access a range of TV-on-demand content. It is a complementary service to the BBC iPlayer service that already exists on Samsung Panasonic Smart TVs. 

A separate set-top box version of the Fetch TV app also offers BBC iPlayer and Freeview access over either a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. It offers a PVR function that allows users to pause and rewind live TV as well as record any of the Freeview content on to its 160GB hard drive.

The FetchTV SmartBox also doubles as a media centre so users can stream content stored on PCs around their home network to the TV the set-top box is connected to.

Viewers will also benefit from two USB ports that allow TV shows recorded on the SmartBox to be transferred to an external hard drive or other USB device.

"This launch gives consumers a real choice of how they can access fantastic sports, movies and entertainment content on their TV screen," said Eddie Abrams, CEO of Fetch TV.

The FetchTV SmartBox is available from a number of retailers including John Lewis and Currys, with prices starting from £179.

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