Internet & Broadband An online dating site is offering free membership to 5,000 lonely hearts who were rejected from for gaining weight. says it is a dating website for people who think looks matter, and therefore requires applicants to be approved by existing members of the site, by submitting a photo.

"Every year we see that some of our members from western cultures eat and drink to excess over the holidays and clearly their looks suffer," Greg Hodge, managing director of the site, said.

"Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which was founded," added founder Robert Hintze.

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However, has come to their rescue and invited those booted from the site to contact them for a free one-month subscription.

Louise English of said: "We were shocked when we saw the news that an online dating site would kick off users for gaining weight.

"What happened to beauty being in the eye of the beholder? There is someone for everyone - shape, race, sex, religion, whatever - and we believe that online dating is about bringing people together, not giving them a complex."

English said that, in an age when eating disorders are plaguing global populations, these acts of intolerance should not be encouraged. She also likened's behaviour to cyberbullying.

"If it is illegal to eject customers from public places based on [physical] attributes, it should also be the case with online dating sites," she added.

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