An online shopping platform hopes to unite groups of shoppers in a bid to secure bulk discounts on goods. allows web users to locate other online shoppers that want to purchase the same item as them, and then search for suppliers willing to offer discounts on bulk sales.

According to the website the more people are there in a 'Lot' (the group of shoppers looking to buy an item), the cheaper the items will get. But the beauty of the system is that buyers can join complete strangers and help each other grab deals, even if they have never even met before.

"We are expecting people to go ahead and create their own 'Lots' too, telling us and the suppliers what do they want and how much they want to pay," says CEO and founder, Mac Karlekar.

"If people join in groups we're sure they'll get nearly any deal they want."

ComeLetsBuy works in conjunction with payment solution Moneybookers to ensure a secure payment process and refund process if necessary.

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