Residents of Second Life are today donning virtual Red Noses. It is not yet known if they are wearing virtual pantomime horse suits to work in virtual insurance brokers, but it can only be a matter of time.

Fun-loving virtual folk up and down Second Life are joining humour-starved office drones, bored shop girls and krazy bank staff up and down the actual country, buying Red Noses and indulging in hilarious fundraising activities for Comic Relief.

Alongside its Reuters bureau and booming property market, Second Life now has a charity sector. Residents can virtually wear the Red Nose while making a very real donation to Comic Relief.

Second Life is a 3D virtual world built and owned by its residents. There are more than 4.5 million members who can all buy, sell and trade inside the 'world' using Linden Dollars, the Second Life currency.

For just 550 of these magical beans Second Life residents can buy a Comic Relief T-Shirt or a nose, with the knowledge that £1 in something called 'real money' will go directly to Comic Relief. This money will then help make a real difference to thousands of lives in Africa and the UK.

Now I have a tendency to be sniffy about both celebrity charidee fests and, forgive me, people who live outside what I like to call 'First Life', but it is difficult to argue with something that monetises computer ether and gives hard cash to deserving causes.

As a consequence I have decided to blog wearing only my pants, and a Red Nose, until my colleagues raise 1,000 PCA groats. (At which point I will move the Red Nose to my face and the pants to their traditional interface.) Now that's what I call Comic Relief.

Go on, be generous click here.