The Post Office's efforts to attract late adopters of broadband services in the UK has been backed by price comparison website Money Supermarket.

The Post Office announced this week that it would begin offering an ISP service on Monday 29 October, targeting 50-65 years olds with a novel payment policy which will allow subscribers to pay for their broadband using cash at any of the 14,000 Post Offices nationwide.

Like other UK ISPs, the Post Office is promising speeds of 'up to 8Mb', and the Broadband Standard and Broadband Extra services can be bundled with the Post Office's existing HomePhone service.

Broadband will be delivered via BT Wholesale's ADSL network, which claims to cover 99.6 percent of the UK. “Until now, some significant groups in society have missed out on all the internet has to offer purely because broadband is perceived as a complicated luxury," said Post Office MD Alan Cook.

And Money Supermarket has backed the move.

"One of the unique features the Post Office is offering is the option to pay on a monthly basis at any of its branches," says a post on the Money Supermarket blog. "This will benefit the majority of the Post Office's customers as a many of them manage their finances in cash.

"The two bundle deals offer particular value as they include line rental, eliminating the need to pay separate line rental to BT and a monthly fee to the broadband provider on top," the post continues.