A PC Advisor survey has found that almost half of respondents either plan to install the beta version of Internet Explorer 9 (IE), or plan to do so.

Asked 'Do you plan to install the beta version of IE9?', 28.4 percent ticked 'Yes'. A further 18.7 percent reported that they have already installed it.

Forum member rawprawn reported: "I have found it excellent, faster, better for banking, easier to navigate, more user-friendly."

"The whole thing is running like a dream," chimed in RGB76.

But by no means all who had installed the beta were happy with its performance.

"Gave it a try and removed it," wrote Big L 266. "I downloaded the IE9 beta. It took me 10 Earth minutes to realise that I couldn't do any internet banking or internet credit card transactions. I immediately removed the useless IE9 beta and went back to IE8. Happy bunny again."

And davy&jane added: "Installed fine but won't open - just keeps crashing."

As rawprawn pointed out: "[The beta] seems to have a very varied reception. Some report big problems, others minor defects, and yet with others such as myself it runs like a dream."

IE9 beta? Not interested, thanks

The largest group of respondents, however, were the 42.2 percent who indicated that they have no plans to install the beta.

"Won't touch it until they consider porting it to XP. It will also have to be very very good to beat Chrome," explained alan14.

morddwyd said: "Not even used IE8 yet! I've never used IE as browser of choice in any of its incarnations."

The remaining 10.7 percent answered 'Not sure'.

Based on 1576 votes, 27 Sep 2010. Add your vote to the poll, or join the discussion in PC Advisor's forums.

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