Pippa Middleton, or rather her derrière, has been named one of this year’s internet search stars by Ask Jeeves.

The Q&A site analysed its 60 million monthly queries to find the moments during the year which sparked huge, sudden surges among UK internet users wanting answers. Ask Jeeves said Middleton, who was chief bridesmaid at her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William which took place in April this year, was one of the most searched for names as web users sought out pictures, video clips and even more information about her after the wedding was screened on TV.

Among other internet stars of 2011 was Manchester United's Ryan Giggs, who was named on Twitter as the footballer who took out a super injunction to stop details of an extra-marital affair being published. Liberal Democrat John Hemming subsequently used parliamentary privilege to identify him in parliament.

James Corden’s alter ego Smithy from TV show Gavin and Stacey also proved popular following his Comic Relief sketch in March that featured plenty of celebrities and sporting stars along with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Meanwhile singer Amy Winehouse and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who both tragically passed away this year, were also among the list of most searched celebrities on the web in 2011.

"This data provides a snapshot of what Britain suddenly became interested in during the year. We constantly have high levels of searches for major household names and general events like the recession but this is looking at individual search stars of 2011” said Oliver Hill, Managing Director of Ask Jeeves.

"It's a mixed bunch from reality TV to royalty, comedy sketches to cult video clips and sport to showbiz."