It's been a busy seven days in tech, from Apple and Samsung's continuing patent battle to a juror being jailed for researching a case on the web. That led to Twitter users being pretty vocal with their thoughts on the matters, with tweets flowing left, right and centre. Here's our top five tweets of the week.

Apple fails in Samsung Galaxy tab battle in the Netherlands

Rarely a week goes by without some mention of Apple and Samsung's ongoing patent battle, and this week was no exception. Unfortunately, it was bad news time for Apple after it failed in its bid to ban sales of Samsung's tablet PC, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, in the Netherlands. The Gerechthof's-Gravenhage appeals court in the Hague ruled that Samsung's tablet PC does not feature all of the key characteristics of Apple's design and it also differs in thickness, so it subsequently has not infringed Apple's patents. Deputy new editor CarrieSkinner said: "Apple fails in Samsung Galaxy Tab ban in the Netherlands".

PC Advisor for your iPad

PC Advisor has launched an iPad edition of its monthly technology magazine - and you can read the 200th issue of PC Advisor today, on your iPad, for free. The PC Advisor Magazine for iPad app is free to install, and you get the first issue entirely free of charge.
"Get the latest issue of PC Advisor on your iPad, for free...that's right, FREE," we said in a tweet.

Impact of Thailand floods continues to bite tech industry

Nvidia lowered its revenue forecast Tuesday for the quarter ending January 29, citing the impact of the hard disk drive (HDD) shortage caused by the Thailand floods on its mainstream GPU business.
Editor MattJEgan tweeted: "Impact of Thailand floods continues to bite tech industry".

Brits most likely to use cloud storage on a regular basis

The UK is the nation in Europe most likely to favour web-based storage, says Research by the web hosting firm of 272 Europeans revealed 63 percent of Brits use cloud-based storage regularly, which is higher than the European average of 40 percent.
"We don't need to be good at football when we can be #1 in Europe at cloud computing," we tweeted.

Juror jailed after researching case on internet

Dr Theodora Dallas, a 34-year old juror who researched a defendant on the internet and shared the information with fellow jurors during the trial, has been jailed for six months for contempt of court.
"There's a bitter aspect of irony to this story - Juror jailed after researching case on internet," we said.