Twitter has been buzzing over the past seven days with technology news, from RIM claiming BlackBerry is the UK's best-selling smartphone to Sky's announcement its Sky Go app will be made available for Android devices in February. Here's our top five tweets of the week.

Sky Go for Android coming in February

Sky finally confirmed this week its Sky Go app for Android will be made available at the end of February. The app, which has been available to iOS users for some time now, will allow owners of Google Android smartphones to access live broadcasts from all five Sky Sports channels, ESPN, Sky New, Sky 1, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts and 11 Sky Movies channels, providing they subscribe to the relevant package, from their device.
"It's like Xmas all over again - Sky Go for Android coming in February," we tweeted.

RIM says BlackBerry is 'UK's best selling smartphone'

BlackBerry is the best selling smartphone in the UK, according its manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) anyway.
RIM cited figures from GfK that claimed BlackBerry was responsible for 26.3 percent of all smartphone sales during December 2011. Furthermore, the figures also revealed that on average across the whole year, BlackBerry accounted for 27.7 percent of the market, which RIM says makes it the best selling smartphone brand in the UK for the second year running.
"Disingenuous comparison (hardware not platform), but these stats say rumours of BlackBerry's demise may be exaggerated," Editor MattJEgan said.

Canon Pixma Pro-1 review

Canon's new A3+ photo and artwork printer is the first model outside the company's large-format range to offer 12 inks – and the first to feature a design inspired by Canon's line of DSLRs. We got our hand on it and here's our thoughts.
"The Canon Pixma Pro-1is a mighty fine printer. Read our review her," our tweet read.

Kidz Gear sound-limiting headphones debut

Kidz Gear has unveiled a pair of sound-limiting headphones that are especially designed for use by youngsters. The Kidz Gear Wired headphones for Kids have a line-in connector and a volume adjustment rocker on the cable. This presumably allows a parent to mute playback and have a quiet word or to turn down the sound a notch.
"Kidz Gear sound-limiting headphones debut," Associate editor RosieHattersley tweeted.

21% of UK kids have accessed inappropriate content from their mobile

More than two in five (21 percent) of 8 to 15 year olds in the UK have accessed inappropriate content from their mobile phone says the Carphone Warehouse. Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of the mobile phone retailer revealed that this rises to a third of 14 to 15 year olds, although it's not always intentional and while some kids do go looking for adult content, many simply stumble across it.
Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner said: "21% of UK kids have accessed inappropriate content from their mobile phone."