It's been a busy seven days of Twitter. While the Amazon Fire, the etailer's tablet PC, was responsible for most of the chat on the micro-blogging service, plenty of other tech issues including a clamp down on apps that rack up charges without a user's consent and the EC's announcement it plans to test 10,000 broadband speeds across the continent have also been getting Twitter users talking. Here's our five favourite tweets of the week

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amaon's highly-anticipated tablet PC, the Amazon Kindle Fire, was finally unveiled yesterday. The 7in device Wi-Fi only devices is less of an iPad-killer and more of a content consumption slate, offering access to thousand of TV shows, movies, apps, songs and books either from Amazon's online store or through content stored in its online storage service, Amazon Cloud.
Editor MattJEgan seemed most taken with the device's web browser however.
"Amazon Silk is interesting. I'd like to see it in action. Like uber Opera. I bet some web pages fox it, though," he tweeted.

Mobile antivirus software advice

We love a bit of cash-saving advice at PCA Towers and this week Money Saving Expert created a great guide to Mobile Antivirus Software (featuring some quotes from PCA itself).
"Get free protection for your smartphone," said MSE's Beccajtalbot.

Regulator to clamp down on apps that rack up charges without consent

Also this week, Phonepayplus, the regulator for premium rate telephone services, revealed it is to clamp down on mobile phone apps that see users being charged without their knowledge.
"Just plain good news - 'Regulator to clamp down on apps that rack up charges without consent'," we said.

European Commission to test fixed broadband speeds

The European Commission is to test broadband speeds across Europe. The study, which is being conducted in conjunction with SamKnows, will see the internet connections of 10,000 European volunteers being tested.
Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner said in a tweet: European commission to test broadband speeds of 10,000 European residents".

Win security software

We love to treat our lovely readers every once in a while, and this week was no exception as we offered the chance to win one of eight copies of McAfee All Access - security software designed to protect smartphones, tablets, netbooks, PCs and Macs.
"Win one of 8 copies of McAfee All Access worth £100 each!" we tweeted.