Twitter has been packed with web users tweeting about tech issues this week. And there's been plenty to talk about. From RIM's offer of free apps to those affected by the recent BlackBerry outage to Samsung and Apple's ongoing patent battle. Here's our five favourite tweets from the past seven days.

RIM offers free apps

The week got off to a much better start for BlackBerry users when RIM revealed it was offering $100 worth of premium apps, such as SIMS 3 and Bejewled for free as an apology for the service outage last week.
"Wehay! 'RIM offers free apps as an apology for BlackBerry outage'," we said in a tweet.

Surfing safely

The Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) teamed up with Google this week in a bid to promote online safety in the UK. The Good to Know campaign hopes to encourage UK web users to take steps to ensure they're more secure when surfing the web.
"Google teams up with CAB to offer advice on staying safe online," tweeted Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner.

Two-step authentication

With this in mind, we decided to show you just how to make your Facebook profile more secure by requiring two-step authentication for unrecognised devices.
"How to set-up two-step authentication on Facebook - Make logging-in more secure," we tweeted.

Samsung calls for ban on Apple iPhone 4S in Japan and Australia

Samsung's patent battle with Apple continued to rumble on this week when the Koren-based tech giant filed preliminary injunction against sales of Apple's iPhone 4S in Japan and Australia.
"Apple has continued to violate our patent rights and free ride on our technology," Samsung said.
Editor MattJEgan said: "Samsung and Apple should just play nicely."

Video game uses brain to control action

A new game released by a collaboration that includes an Australian researcher invites kids to use their brains - literally. Focus Pocus uses a brainwave-reading headset and helps children ages 7-13 improve impulse control, memory, attention and relaxation.
"Mind boggling. Literally! - 'Video Game Uses Brain to Control Action'," we said.