It's been a busy week for Twitter users when it comes to tech stories. From Microsoft unveiling a new Windows logo to Tesco announcing a £2.50 broadband deal, there was plenty to get users of the micro-blogging site tweeting. Here's out five favourite tweets of the past seven days.

Microsoft changes Windows logo

Microsoft revealed it's taking a leap of faith by changing its famous red, green, blue and yellow flag for a straight-laced 2D logo. After 22-years of unparalleled success, the news has broken that Microsoft is adopting the brave 'If it ain't broke, we'll fix it anyway' approach and changing its multi-coloured logo to a new minimalist 2D design.
"Microsoft changes Windows logo," we said in a tweet.

HP Z1 workstation all in one PC unveiled

HP unveiled a powerful workstation PC aimed at graphics professionals this week. The Z1 is its first workstation in all in one PC form factor. It has a 27in LED-backlit screen and Associate editor RosieHattersley was among the first to get a look at the new PC.
"HP Z1 workstation photos, details and price," she tweeted.

Anti-Piracy Concerns Spread to Europe

Tens of thousands of Europeans rallied this weekend to protest ACTA, an anti-piracy treaty many fear will impede freedom on the Internet. There have been similar concerns about the recently tabled and much-maligned SOPA and PIPA bills in the US. But are the strong-arm tactics necessary since some studies show piracy is decreasing.
"In 2011 P2P file-sharing fell by nine percent and paid-for subscriptions rose 65 percent. Is anti-piracy legislation really needed?," we said in a tweet.

Eight features Windows 8 borrowed from Linux

Though Windows 8 and Linux distributions differ greatly from each other in design, ideology and - last but not least - their primary audience, they're all built on the same basic principles of OS design so there's bound to be some overlap. And while Microsoft has long been accused of stealing from the open source community, according to some Linux fans, it's getting to the point where Microsoft simply appropriates good Linux features.
Editor MattJEgan said: "Eight features Windows 8 borrowed from Linux".

Tesco offers broadband for £2.50 per month

Tesco has unveiled a broadband service that costs just £2.50 per month. The Tesco Broadband package, which must be taken with line rental that costs £13.75 per month, applies for 12 months. This means the cost per month is £16.25. After the contract expires, web users will revert to a 30 day rolling contract or a new 12 month contract but the price of the broadband rises to £6.50 per month, making the total cost £20.25.
"Tesco offers £2.50 per month broadband," said Deputy News Editor CarrieSkinner in a tweet.