There's been plenty of tech talk on Twitter over the past seven days. Ofcom's admission that 4G networks won't be widely available until 2015 and the next iteration of Microsoft's Windows operating system, Windows 8, have been among the most discussed topics. Here's out five favourite tweets of the week.

Brits unlikely to benefit from 4G until 2015

Brits are unlikely to benefit from 4G networks until 2015, Ofcom has warned. According to the regulator's Draft 2012/13 Annual Plan, next-generation mobile networks won't be "widely available" for another three years at least.
"This stinks! Brits unlikely to benefit from 4G networks until 2015, warns Ofcom," we said in a tweet.

Why 2012 will be the year of Windows 8

In 2011 Apple and its iPad continued to dominate, but Android Honeycomb was the big mover. However, with Windows 8 set to appear in 2012, we believe it's going to be a three-way battle for your money.
Editor MattJEgan said: "Why 2012 will be the year of Windows 8".

Group test: what's the best e-reader?

If you like the idea of having the world's library at your fingertips, you've probably considered an e-book reader. So we've taken a look at several eReaders to work out what's the best electronic readers for 21st-century bookworms.
"If you're going to buy someone an e-reader for Xmas, take a look at this first. 'Group test: what's the best e-reader?'," we tweeted.

How to set up an Amazon Kindle

Amazon's Kindle and other eReaders have surged in popularity over the past few years. Prices have also plummeted recently, with Amazon offering a non-keyboard version of its eReader for £89 and WH Smith also offering the Kobo's eReader for the same price. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on an Amazon Kindle, here's all you need to know about setting it up so you can start reading.
Deputy News Editor CarrieSkinner said: "How to set up an Amazon Kindle."

200th issue

We've hit our 200th issue of PC Advisor, so to celebrate we decided to take a trip down memory lane and look back at all of the covers starting with our very first issue. Editor MattJEgan tweeted: "Here's all of our 200 covers. There's a great one. With a knife. Comment on one to win a subscription."