Seven days in Twitterville is a long time but it appears HP and Samsung are still dominating tweets from web users. Here's PC Advisor's five favourite tweets of the week.

TechCrunch backs up Amazon Android tablet rumours

The week got off to an Amazon Android tablet rumour frenzy, when TechCrunch claimed to have got their hands on a test unit and described in detail what using the tablet PC was like.
"Updated: 'Amazon Tablet rumour round-up'," we said in a tweet.

Lenovo: Samsung has only sold 20,000 Galaxy Tabs

Perhaps it was just a case of sour grapes, or an attempt to gain exposure, but this week Lenovo's Andrew Barrow claimed Samsung had been stretching the truth with the number of Galaxy Tab's they sold, claiming the figure was actually 20,000 – despite the fact the company claims to have shipped one million of the tablet PCs.
Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner tweeted: " Lenovo exec claims Samsung has only actually sold 200,000 Galaxy Tabs".

Samsung removes Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA

And speaking of the Galaxy Tab, German tech trade show IFA didn't prove to be great for Samsung. The tech company had to remove the new iteration of the Galaxy Tab from display after Apple won an injunction banning sales of the device in Germany.
"Morning all. Let's start the week with news of more Samsung bans. 'Samsung removes Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA'," we tweeted.

HP TouchSmart 520 all-in-one PC unveiled

After last week's denial that it is abandoning its PC arm, HP backed this up by unveiling a brand new all-in-one PC.
Editor MattJEgan said: "Just how keen is HP to get out of the PC business? Today, it is mostly unveiling the HP TouchSmart 520 all-in-one PC."

How to stop your BlackBerry being stolen

There's nothing worse than having your smartphone stolen, but with the help of the nice chaps at BlackBerry, who've developed an app to help you secure your device, it may not happen. We put together a step-by-step tutorial to show you just how to protect your BlackBerry.
Associate editor RosieHattersley said in a tweet: "Anti-theft advice for BlackBerry users."