Broadband speeds, the death of the DVD and rumours about the iPhone 5 are just some of the tech issues that have got Twitter users in a tizz this week. Here’s PC Advisor’s top five tweets of the week.

Ultra-fast broadband

We were very impressed when Virgin Media showed off their trial of a 1.5Gbps broadband connection, so much so we had to tweet about it.
"Virgin's new 1.5Gbps broadband trail was so fast that we had trouble keeping up with it," we said.

Average broadband speeds increase

We hope Virgin's faster broadband paves the way for consumers in the near future too. Especially after Ofcom revealed the average actual broadband speed has increased by just 0.6Mbps in the past six months.
"Ofcom: UK's average actual net speed is 6.8Mbps: The UK's average broadband speed is 6.8Mbps," we tweeted.

Death of the DVD?

When Apple launched refreshed hardware last week, it was no surprise that the ultrathin MacBook Air still does not have an internal DVD drive. Many were shocked to find out, though, that Apple has now also removed the DVD drive from the Mac Mini. However, one PC Advisor columnist thinks Apple shouldn't stop there, and the revolution shouldn't be limited to Apple, or even just to PCs for that matter. It's time for discs to die.
Editor MattJEgan tweeted: "Our columnist thinks the DVD is dead, dead, dead. What say you, Twitter?"

More iPhone 5 rumours

PC Advisor's former managing editor Pricivius has moved on to pastures new, in the form of iPad and iPhone user, and was still keen to tweet about the latest rumours regarding Apple's highly-anticipated iPhone 5.
"Apple iPhone 5 release date and other rumours," he said.

HTC Flyer review

PC Advisor's Associate editor Rosie Hattersley got her hands on the HTC Flyer this week and she couldn't wait to tell us all about it.
"7in HTC Flyer tablet as reviewed by me," she tweeted.