It's been a busy week on Twitter. Not only have we seen the arrival of a potentially fake 'Shrek' virus that attacked a dating website, we've also been asking Twitter user to tell us their views on ICANN's latest proposal and their favourite sports websites. Here's PC Advisor's five favourite tweets of the week.

Shrek attack

Deputy news editor CarrieSkinner was keen to highlight a challenge security expert Graham Cluley of Sophos set dating website The dating site, which requires members to vote on whether new users are good looking before they are given access to the site, claimed it had been attacked by a virus that removed this process, allowing thousands of new web users to join the site without passing the attractiveness test. However, Cluely was convinced the virus was in fact a publicity stunt and revealed he'd donate £500 to charity if BeautifulPeople sent the virus to a security firm for analysis.

"Security researcher @gcluley challenges dating site to hand over 'shrek' virus in return for charity donation, " she said in a tweet.

ICANN allows .anything web addresses

Associate editor RosieHattersley was keen to hear your opinions on whether ICANN's proposal to allow pretty much any word in any language to be used as a suffix to web addresses was a good idea.

"POLL: What do you think of ICANN's move to allow website owners to use almost any word in place of .com or," she said.

Sport websites

Meanwhile managing editor Pricivius wants you to tell us just what your favourite sports websites are.

"What's your favourite sports website?," read his tweet.

Editing on the move

Editor MattJEgan was keen to show our readers how to edit documents from their mobile phones.

"How to edit documents on a mobile device," he tweeted.

Silver surfers hit social networks

Finally, Dixonsintheknow was keen to point out why the fact that 22 percent of grandparents using social networks wasn't necessarily great for their grandchildren.

"If you don't want your Nan looking at your embarrassing photos it might be time to delete them," the tweet read.