From Apple branding Samsung 'illegal, abusive and anticopmpetitive' to Google announcing plans to launch its internet TV service in the UK, there's been plenty of tech stories to keep Twitter users busy over the past seven days. Here's our top tweets of the week.

Apple brands Samsung 'illegal, abusive, anticompetitive'

The week didn't get off to a brilliant start for Samsung, after Apple took its legal battle with the tech company to new heights when it accused Samsung of attempting an "anticompetitive ambush" through "illegal and abusive assertions".
"Apple calls 'illegal monopoly' Samsung 'illegal, abusive, anticompetitive'," PC Advisor's publishing director SimonJary said in a tweet.

Galaxy Tab up for grabs

However, for those of you that don't feel as strongly as Samsung as Apple do, there's a chance to win one of ten Samsung Galaxy Tabs thanks to PC Advisor.
"Get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. 10 Android tablets up for grabs," said RosieHattersley, PC Advisor's associate editor.

Pirate Bay founder launch new file-sharing site

Two of the founders of Pirate Bay - a BitTorrent search engine for illegal music and movie downloads – have launched a new file-sharing site, which they say will comply with copyright laws.
"Q: Why are pirates called pirates? A: Cause they AAARRRRHHH. Pirate Bay founders launch new file-sharing site," we tweeted.

How to set up a dedicated home media server

With a dedicated box, you can access music, video and photos from anywhere in the house. And it's not hard as you may first think, especially with our step-by-step guide.
Editor Matt Egan said in a tweet: "How to set up a dedicated home media server."

Google TV coming to the UK

This week also saw Google reveal that its internet TV service that puts Android on your television set, is set to launch in the UK within six months.
"Just in case there isn't enough TV to watch as it is - 'Google TV coming to the UK'," we said.