There's been plenty of tech stories dominating the news this week, from Facebook admitting it's made mistakes with privacy to Windows XP being named next year's biggest security threat. And our readers have had plenty to say on these matters. Here's the most commented stories of the week on PC Advisor.

Windows XP will be the biggest security threat in 2012

Cyber criminals will focus their attention on PCs running Windows XP next year, according to F-Secure. According to the security firm, machines running Microsoft's older operating system will be the biggest security threat in 2012. Windows 7 may have become the most popular PC operating system in the world, StatCounter figures for October revealed Windows 7 runs 40.5 percent of PCs across the world, while XP can be found on 38.5 percent. However, it doesn't mean there'll be a dramatic decline of Windows XP just yet
James said F-Secure were hinting that PC users should "hurry up and buy windows 7 already" while adding "I think I'll wait thanks".
Meanwhile, gmx1 added: "Windows 8 will be the final song for all these 'security' companies, cause it will be a closed platform where only approved apps can be installed. Add on top the antivirus at OS level and many of these companies will go bankrupt soon. Good riddance."

Facebook admits to making mistakes with privacy

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted the social network has made mistakes when it comes to privacy as it reached a settlement with the US Federal Trades Commission (FTC). Zuckerberg's comments follow an investigation by the FTC in which the regulator said Facebook "deceived consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private, and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public".
Mr_Mistoffelees said: "Zuckerberg should have been taking privacy seriously from the start. It should not have required the US Federal Trades Commission to force his hand".
Keith Goddard agreed. "Why they changed the settings a couple of months ago to the state they are in at the mo is beyond me? I tried Google+ but its pants! Shame really cause Google could of given FB a run for their money. Just lack of investment and vision from Google."

Samsung beats Apple Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction

Samsung has defeated Apple in the courts, and has won back the right to sell its tablet PC, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, in Australia after a temporary injunction was lifted. The New South Wales Federal Court in Australia overturned the injunction saying Apple has not managed to demonstrate that Samsung's tablet PC infringes patents held by Apple covering the device's touchscreen.
Geoff_s said: "Not really a win or a victory for Samsung? In an industry when products barely last a year (and hope to get one good Christmas season), Apple seem to have been allowed to crippled it's competitor's production by bluffing countries gullible legal systems".
However, Bill said that while he had no problem agreeing with Geoff's he thinks "more firms will be driven to fall on their sword through the big boys new legal industrial barristers realising what lucrative earnings are to be made at the expense of a bit subterfuge!"

Ebuyer suffers outage as web users try to grab a bargain

UK retailer suffered an outage this week after thousands of web users attempted to bag themselves a bargain. The retailer has a £1 clearance sale, which started at 11am today, with thousands of gadgets, including digital cameras and laptops, reduced to just £1. Thousands of Brits attempted to access the site, which eventually resulted in Ebuyer crashing with many reporting they could not load the website.
Ade Harrison said he "gave up trying to get on their website after three hours. An unmitigated marketing disaster IMO [in my opinion] - a few dozen happy customers, 10,000s unhappy!"
Melvyn Burchell added: "Having been there from 10.55am for the next hour or so I came away empty handed and very frustrated made all the worst by Ebuyer releasing such quips as 'just keep refreshing and it will work' - which was presumably quoted by the same intelligent person that completely failed to notice the obvious issues a 10 year old could spot!"

Sky upgrades network with 100Gbps technology

Sky Broadband customers look set to get more consistent and reliable net connections after the ISP upgraded part of its network with 100Gbps technology. The first 100Gbps Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology has been installed in Sky's network between London and Birmingham following a successful trial.
John said: "It is fine for ISP providers to trumpet their super fast D/L speeds in the centres of population, but by far the majority of users live and work in those parts of the country that will be lucky to see a 10 fold increase in speed in more than 10 years. In my location I doubt if my speed will rise much above the present 1800kbps in my lifetime."