There's been plenty of tech storiesmaking the news this week, from the House of Lords revealing they plan to investigate whether the government's proposals that will help provide superfast broadband to the UK by 2015 are relevant to SOCA shutting down a music-website. And our vocal readers were happy to share their thoughts on the matters. Here's the five most commented stories on PC Advisor tover the past seven days.

House of Lords to investigate government's superfast broadband plans

The House of Lords has announced plans to investigate the government's plans to have "the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015". The House of Lords Communications Committee is overseeing the Bandwidth Hungry National inquiry to help identify whether the existing plans covering the roll-out of superfast broadband are really what the UK needs.
Tavistock Superfast Broadband said: "This is needed - there is not enough UK Government focus with the job in hand. The monies from all separate bids and administrations from local authorities could be better spent on roll-out. There are not that many network infrastructure players that this could not be engaged on a central government basis".

SOCA shuts down music website

A music- related website that offered links to tracks has been taken down by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). Visitors to will now see a holding page created by SOCA that reveals the founders of the website have been arrested for fraud.
Lardilicious said: "If you have downloaded music using this website you may have committed a criminal offence "it either is or isn't an offence". It doesn't look good for the internet if a site can be seized because it may be committing an offence what about due process and most importantly, evidence. Google and sites like YouTube are riddled with links to downloadable music, are we to expect those to be seized as well?"
While arb76 added: "You can stop some of the people some of the time..."

Windows 8 logo - same as Windows 1.0

For years we've grown used to the Microsoft Windows logo being a bright, multicoloured thing – sometimes blocky, often ugly, recently rather elegant. But always multicoloured. But, actually that isn't true... And wait till you see the new Windows 8 logo. The new logo for Windows 8 appears to be turning this theme on its head, with the red, green, blue and yellow panes replaced with a dull, dark-green monotone uniformity.
Prompto said: "I would prefer if they retained the four coloured logo" and Dhawal D added: Windows 1.0 Logo looks better than this one!"

Tesco offers broadband for £2.50 per month

Tesco has unveiled a broadband service that costs just £2.50 per month. The Tesco Broadband package, which must be taken with line rental that costs £13.75 per month, applies for 12 months. This means the cost per month is £16.25. After the contract expires, web users will revert to a 30 day rolling contract or a new 12 month contract but the price of the broadband rises to £6.50 per month, making the total cost £20.25.
Maccyroo said: "I think ISP's should not be allowed to advertise monthly broadband costs only, without the line rental included. I get fed up with seeing TalkTalk adverts claiming 'superfast' broadband for only £6 a month or whatever and hiding the line rental requirement and price in the small print. You CANNOT have broadband without a phone line and so ISP's should be forced to quote the full monthly cost, including line rental in their adverts."
AdieFatLady added: "My Brother-in-law uses the cheap Tesco and its proper pants. Oversubscribed lines and poor line speed. You get what you pay for as they say."

Apple seeks permission to sue Kodak over patents

Apple said this week its seeking permission to sue Kodak over a dispute relating to the infringement of patents it believes that it rightfully owns. Bloomberg reported that Apple has asked a bankruptcy judge to give the go ahead to its plans to file a complaint against Kodak at the International Trade Commission and a corresponding suit in US District Court in Manhattan.
Maccyroo said: "Apple will be trying to convince us they invented the wheel next..........Their arrogance is only matched by their greed and penchant for lining the pockets of patent lawyers!"

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