Unsurprisingly, Microsoft's Windows 8 has continued to be one of the most talked about tech issues this week. However, the UK's street with the slowest broadband connection and a flaw in Mac OS X that could see hackers changing password have all been issues which our readers have voiced their opinions on. Here's our most commented stories of the past seven days.

UK's street with slowest broadband is in Halesworth,Suffolk

Resident's of Mount Pleasant, a street in Halesworth, Suffolk, have the slowest broadband connection in the UK, says uSwitch.com. Research by the comparison site revealed homes in the street have access to a connection speed of just 0.128Mbps, that's 53 times slower than the UK's national average speed according to Ofcom. However, BT disputes the figures and claims the comparison site's research is out of date.
Tintin67 said: "I live in Lowestoft, Suffolk, which isn't exactly a small town & I get about 1Mbps. The BT line speeds up here are an absolute disgrace." Meanwhile, Beryl Russell told us BT would only guarantee 512 kbps on her line but Talktalk offers 1.8 MBps over the same phone line . "Go figure ! I've as much chance of getting fibre as I have of getting to the moon."
And we had to give an honourable mention to Maccyroo from Tunbridge Wells who told us about his broadband saga with one of the UK's ISPs that claims Brits are 'brighter' cause they have the UK's Best broadband.
"Well I suppose if BEST stands for Bogus Estimated Speed of Transfer, then that's about as accurate as a TV advert gets," he said.

Mac OS X Lion flaw could see hackers changing passwords

A flaw in Apple's Mac OS X Lion could allow hackers to change passwords, says security researchers. According to the Defense in Depth the operating system stores password in Shadow files, which can only be accessed by a high-privilege user such as an administrator. However, unlike previous versions of Mac OS X, Lion gives non-privileged users the ability to view the pass hash.
Henry Young said: "OS X's security is non-existent, any competent *nix user could gain access to a mac."

First look: Windows 8 Metro user interface

It was invented for Windows Phone 7 but will be the new look for Windows 8. The Metro user interface is radically different, with no windows, frames, menus, or other UI elements on the screen: just the content itself. We took a look at just what users of the OS will be greeted with.
Harrybarracuda said: "If it's as easy to use as WP7, I'm looking forward to it. Dual boots with Win 7 no problem. Picks up all the devices no problem. And easy to drop to the familiar Desktop."
While Bill added: "Man oh man, it is days like this when I miss the simplicity of DOS."

Facebook rolls out new-look News Feed

Facebook began rolling-out a new-look News Feed this week that will highlight the posts and photos users are most likely to be interested in no matter how often the log in to the social network. Previously, the News Feed was arranged in chronological order. However, now the social network has revamped it, so that rather than switching between Most Recent and Top Stories, users will be presented with a single stream featuring what it deems the most-interesting stories at the top.
Sadly, many of our readers are not impressed with the new layout. Pe1richard said: "I do not like the new layout!!! My friends are all complaining. Facebook should give us the "option", not force it on us."
Meanwhile, ipadfreebies agreed. "Me neither - I think the news feed worked far better as it was. They should leave stuff alone - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is one of my maxims!"

Why developers should reject Apple's App Store

We took a look at just why some developers are rejecting Apple's App Store in favour of web-based apps.
However, many of our readers disagree. Honkj said: "developers make money, and lots of it, in the Apple app store because it is a place where people go to find their products. The web is, well, not the place where people go to find apps... nor will they."
Meanwhile, Chris Beach added: "Shouldn't developers do whatever is best for them?"