Optus could be responsible for keeping humans and sharks at bay, with its network to be used as part of a shark detection system.

The telecommunications provider is working with Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) the maker of the sonar-based Clever Buoy' detector to connect the device to lifeguards and other relevant audiences using its network via Google's Plus social network.

The first stage will involve the testing of its feasibility. If successful, the Clever Buoy will be commercially available from mid-2015.

Optus claims the research and development (R&D) project acts as a starting point for similar technology which could be deployed as a non-invasive means of shark detection.

As testing progresses, it will "adapt with increasing knowledge of the difference between a shark's sonar signature and its swimming patterns and that of other sea life."

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Future development could include the ability to distinguish between species of sharks and other information which would be fed to scientists for data collection on shark behaviour.

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