We've rounded up the 10 web writers who just can't help but ramble on and on.

With no restricted number of pages, writers on the web are free to ramble on as much as they like. And boy do they ramble.

Convinced that millions of loyal readers want nothing more than for them to share their definitive takes on everything from the latest MacBook or Michael Jackson to Barack Obama or the sandwich they're eating for lunch.

The term for speaking or writing verbosely and windily is bloviation; and to judge from their output, certain online practitioners are more adept than a pod of humpback whales at endlessly spouting vaporous nothings. Some even make a living at it.

After much debate, we've rounded up our favourite web blowhards, 10 leather-lunged loudmouths whose loquacity knows no bounds. Now, don't get us wrong: we love these guys (and gal); after all, they ultimately make our jobs easier. So please take our commentary in the spirit of good fun and (every now and then) constructive criticism in which it is intended.

1. Robert Scoble

Photo: Thomas Hawk, Zooomr

A former Microsoft suit, Scoble excels at saying nothing about absolutely everything. (Typical headline: 'RSS: interesting or boring?').

These days he mostly just plugs his web host employer Rackspace and interviews a stream of utterly random web execs, but he can still get his dander up over the most banal of tech topics. (Please don't get him started on what he thinks about FriendFeed!)

Scoble and his camera crew have long been a staple at even the most minor of high-tech events; and at the approach of this entourage, most people scurry for the bar or the buffet.

2. Michael Arrington

Photo: BusinessWeek

Arrington built a veritable empire by tirelessly blogging about Silicon Valley - often breaking news that no one else had, and covering companies that no one else would touch.

Now the rest of the tech blogosphere chases after him. Arrington isn't happy with the size of his kingdom, however; and when public attention starts to dissipate, he's happy to stir the pot with one wild story or another.

Last January he went into self-imposed exile, citing concerns over people spitting in his face and a newfound fear of death threats. The previous summer, Arrington blogged, he had received death threats from a man with a felony record and a gun. The incident forced Arrington to hide out at his parents' house for a week.

Then, last month, after the hideaway hubbub had faded, a British court found him guilty of libel and "sustained character assassination", all but banishing him from the shores of England lest he be arrested at the airport. (In fairness to Arrington, he refused to defend himself against the charges.) The upshot is that his future exile options have diminished.

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