O2 won the PC Advisor Awards - Readers Best Broadband ISP 2009 award, in a survey voted for by over 6,500 PC Advisor readers.

PC Advisor's in-depth reader survey (sponsored by Broadband Genie) reveals how well the UK's top 14 ISPs are performing, judging and gives an insight into the state of broadband internet in the UK today.

In all, 6,557 people completed our survey between May and July. The feedback you provided enabled us to draw broad conclusions about the state of Digital Britain, but it also meant we were able to produce in-depth analysis of the performance of some of the best-known ISPs.

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O2 Best Broadband ISP 2009 PC Advisor Awards

The biggest overlap between broadband provider and mobile phone subscription was with O2. O2 had the iPhone contract sewn up for most of the year) and offers discounts for O2 mobile subscribers to its broadband service, making it good value as a bundle.

Given the popularity of the iPhone and the good rates for this two-year-old ISP, it wasn't a surprise to find many people had made the switch from another provider and done so smoothly, with positive reports about the migration process. Connection reliability was among the best of all the ISPs evaluated.

If you sign up for O2 but live in an area where Be Broadband becomes available and its ADSL2+ service can offer faster connections, you'll be able to use it. Be was bought by O2 in 2007, enabling it to roll out out its high-speed web connections faster - so far, it's done so to more than a fifth of the UK.

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