Nine in ten 'Silver Surfers' or web users over the age of 60 go online every day.

Research from TalkTalk and security firm F-Secure revealed 68 percent of these surf the web several times a day, compared to 77 percent of 26 to 35 year-olds. Furthermore, a third of silver surfers now access TV and radio online while 20 percent admit to gaming on the web.

Three quarters of web users aged 60 and above use the net for banking and 83 percent shop online. According to the two firms, this shows older people are "increasingly at ease with the rich content available on the Internet".

However, just a third of silver surfers use social networks like Facebook compared to 93 percent of 16 to 25s. Meanwhile, 25 percent admitted they had no idea what Facebook was or chose not to use it. Of the over 60s that do use social networks 84 per cent have less than 50 friends, in comparison to 52 per cent of 16 to 25s who have more than 150 friends.

Nearly two thirds (65 percent) knew a tablet was a small computer and only 34 percent said it was a medical pill. Furthermore, 96 percent say they take care of internet security themselves but will head to an expert for help in the case of a dedicated infection.

Pekka Mettala, managing director at F-Secure UK, said: "It's reassuring to see that this increased use of the internet among the older generations is going hand-in-hand with education around the potential dangers that are out there and the need for good internet security".

Meanwhile, Tristia Clarke, commercial director at TalkTalk added the older generations are quickly switching on to the rich content and services available online "despite not having grown up with computers or internet access".