Facebook has revealed it will implementing new privacy options from today.

"I can confirm that our new, simpler privacy settings are starting to roll out tomorrow evening so stay tuned on our blog for more details," Facebook told the BBC yesterday.

The news comes just says after Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted in a column in the Washington Post, the company has made mistakes in its continuing push to further enable social connections.

"It's a challenge to keep that many people satisfied over time, so we move quickly to serve that community with new ways to connect with the social web and each other. Sometimes we move too fast - and after listening to recent concerns, we're responding."

He added that Facebook hoped to introduce new, easier-to-use privacy settings, and make it simpler for users to make sure their personal information isn't shared with third-party websites.

The social network revealed last week it was considering changing its privacy settings, which were changed towards the end of last year, following a crisis meeting regarding privacy on the site held two weeks ago.

The changes meant social networkers didn't need to be accepted as a 'friend' to see personal information such as photos, videos and even wall posts. The only way to ensure content on your profile was not shared with other members was to opt-out.

Facebook's privacy settings have come in for plenty of criticism recently, from both the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, which called recent changes to privacy settings "unacceptable", and several US senators.

The social network has also faced a backlash from users, with some members creating a 'Quit Facebook Day', which is encouraging social networkers to stage a mass exodus from the site May 31.

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