Yes, that's right. Not content with single-handedly saving the nation's children from a miserable life of obesity, chef, philanthropist and all-round good egg Jamie Oliver is reaching out across the ether to solve your cooking problems.

Starting this summer Britain’s favourite Essex foodie will be ladling out kitchen advice on his very own podcast.

So if your omelette simply won't bind, you need a good recipe for beans on toast or you just can't source good-quality toads for your holes, all you have to do is call 0207 043 8223 and leave a (food-related) query on the answerpone. Our Jamie will then select the best ones and answer them 'on air'.

Needless to say, as invaluable and interesting as this service is likely to be, we wouldn't recommend that you call in the event of any soufflé-related or 'my-girlfriend's-at-the-door-how-do-I-cook-pasta' emergencies. The nature of podcasting does mean that advice will be a while in arriving.

In the meantime, all manner of food-related advice and info can be found at Fill yer boots.