Social networking site MySpace is offering a number of products that extend the functionality of the service to other websites.

The Open Platform suite comprises of an application platform, Post-To MySpace and the data portability program Data Availability Initiative, which MySpace has renamed MySpaceID.

According to MySpace these three apps allow users to post media including videos and photos to MySpace from other sites like RockYou and Slide, publish activities from other sites to MySpace and even find people on their list of friends in other websites and port their profile data to other sites.

"It's all built on the idea of providing our users with a way to make their personal identity more portable around the social Web and doing it in a way that emphasizes privacy for the user. It's about making a user-centric identity platform," said Max Engel, product lead for MySpaceID.

The Open Platform will also soon support Google's own data portability project, Google Friend Connect. For example, someone could use an existing account on these sites to register and sign in to other websites. That way, people don't have to create an account for every website that requires one, reducing the number of log-in details they need to remember.

However data portability has raised a number of privacy concerns. For example, days after the initial announcements of their data portability programs in May, Google and Facebook promptly locked horns. Facebook blocked Google's Friend Connect service from accessing Facebook members' data, saying the Google program violates its terms of services because it redistributes Facebook user information to developers without users' knowledge.

MySpace's decision to mesh its MySpaceID with Friend Connect isn't surprising, considering the companies' collaboration on OpenSocial, a project Google launched to come up with a common set of APIs for social networking applications. However, OpenSocial hasn't been adopted by Facebook.

MySpaceID has so far been implemented by AOL and Vodafone among others. With Friend Connect, MySpaceID will be driven to a 'long tail' of smaller websites that adopt the Google program to add social networking features to their sites, Engel said.

Participating in MySpaceID is an option to members of the social networking site. Those who opt-in can manage the various MySpaceID capabilities from a central console in their account.

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