Marissa Mayer's ongoing quest to change absolutely everything about Yahoo continues with a redesign of My Yahoo, the site's customizable landing page.

My Yahoo was last refreshed in 2008, and boy was that obvious. My Yahoo is still a landing page for your most-used services--calendars, stocks, sports, etc. But the portal now looks a million times better. Gone are the boring blue background and white, text-heavy cards containing your news, e-mail, weather, and more.

The redesign allows you to customize your Yahoo page with themes from artists, fashion designers, and bands. Want Oscar de la Renta's personal stamp on your My Yahoo page? Do it. My Yahoo also lets you pull in content from your favorite sites, like Epicurious and Politico. The cards and columns are now transparent overlays, so you can see that awesome background you picked to express your personality.

A revolutionary year

The redesign comes as no surprise. Mayer is leaving no stone unturned in her campaign to bring Yahoo into the 21st century. A redesigned home page paved the way for new and revived products, apps, and even a new logo. Yahoo News, Yahoo Mail, the company's Weather app, Flickr, and more have all gone through the Marissa Mayer overhaul this year.

Not every change has been a popular one--that logo could still use some work--but Mayer's persistence is noteworthy, and by some measures, it's been successful.

If you want to give My Yahoo a try, you can import your settings from Google and let us know how the transition goes. If you liked My Yahoo the way it was before, you can keep it. But why would you want to?