The majority of web users see the Google logo every nine minutes during the working day, says MyVoucherCodes.

Research the online voucher website revealed that more than half (51 percent) of web users said they saw the search engine's logo more than 50 times in one working day, that's an average of every nine minutes.

Microsoft came second, with 15 percent of web users saying it was the logo they see most, closely followed by social network Facebook, which was the most-seen logo for 11 percent of web users.

More than two in five (47 percent) said Google is the homepage in their web browser, or the first page they navigate to when logging on to the web.

Furthermore, 53 percent said they use the search engine to check the spelling of words they are unsure of, and more than half (52 percent) admitted to using Google to search for items on the between 10 and 20 times every day.

"We were not surprised to see that Google is the most recognised logo amongst Brits as it has become such an institution - with many websites reliant on Google ads, as well as the near-monopoly it seems Google enjoys with searches," said Mark Pearson, chairman of MyVoucherCodes.

"We were a little surprised however by just how many times the logo was seen on any given day, the fact that most Brits said they saw the Google logo every nine minutes during the average work day is pretty impressive. With Facebook and Twitter also making the top ten list it is clear that social media is just as important now as it has ever been."

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