Microsoft has revealed it is filing an antitrust complaint with the EU commission against Google.

The tech giant alleges that Google is using its dominant position in the European search market to stop any of its competitors from growing, by "walling off access to content and data that competitors need to provide search results to consumers and to attract advertisers".

"We've therefore decided to join a large and growing number of companies registering their concerns about the European search market," said Brad Smith,
senior vice-president and general counsel at Microsoft, in a blog.

"As troubling as the situation is in the US, it is worse in Europe. That is why our filing today focuses on a pattern of actions that Google has taken to entrench its dominance in the markets for online search and search advertising to the detriment of European consumers."

Microsoft joins UK price comparison site Foundem, French legal search engine and German product review and shopping site Ciao, which is now owned by Microsoft. The group initially filed their complaints in January 2010.

Smith added that while Microsoft readily appreciates Google should continue to have the freedom to innovate, it shouldn't be "permitted to pursue practices that restrict others from innovating and offering competitive alternatives".

Google said it was "not surprised" by Microsoft's move.

"We continue to discuss the case with the European Commission and we're happy to explain to anyone how our business works," said a spokesperson for the company.

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