Brits are opting to do their Christmas shopping throughout December rather than on 'Mega Monday' says Firebox.

Despite the fact that Monday November 28, dubbed Mega Monday, was predicted to be the biggest online shopping day of the year, with an estimated £303m being spent on the web using Visa cards, the gadget retailer believes Brits are choosing to leave it later than ever to buy their Christmas gifts.

In fact, Firebox predicts today (Thursday December 1) will be the busiest online shopping day as the majority of the UK were paid yesterday. Furthermore, the surge of online shopping will continue through the coming weekend. Firebox also expects online sales to continue throughout December.

Paul Zimmerman, CEO of Firebox, said: "the concept of a Cyber or Mega Monday has failed to materialise this year – consumers have waited until December to buy gifts and will continue to spend all the way up to the big day itself."

"Traditionally online retailers can expect sales to peak right about now, but we're expecting sales to continue to grow in early December and beyond as consumers hunt for Christmas gifts. This suggests that the bond between consumers and online retail is now stronger than ever as traditional retail becomes the exception – not the norm."

The Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) agrees with Firebox's predictions.

"While there will most likely be individual peak days for online sales in the lead-up to Christmas, our Index has shown a more consistent spreading of activity across a few peak weeks in recent years, which would support what Firebox' customers are saying," said David J Smith, chief marketing and communications officer.

"We are anticipating that over the two week period that started this Monday (November 28), £3.72bn will be spent online by UK consumers, marking it out as the busiest period of the year for online traders."