Internet Explorer is your window to the web and the new version in Windows 8 is faster and more slim line than ever before. Internet Explorer has undergone a massive ground-up refurbishment, but it’s at least as capable as previous versions.

Web browsers do so much more than simply offer a way to browse websites nowadays and there are add-ons to help search more quickly and use the services you like more efficiently. Add-ons come in all sorts of flavours with options to show rolling news, Twitter updates, Facebook likes, games and music or shopping information all from the comfort of your browser window.

The problem is, however, that with too many add-ons your browser performance can be affected with pages slow to load or Internet Explorer crashing all the time. Thankfully, managing the add-ons in IE is easier than ever.

Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools, then click on Manage add-ons. The window that opens shows your add-ons by type: Toolbars and Extensions, Search Providers, Accelerators and Tracking Protection. Simply click on one of the Add-on types to see which ones are being used by Internet Explorer. In the right pane of the window the list of your add-ons will be shown and you can easily remove or disable them by clicking on them and selecting the appropriate action.

To see all the add-ons, even the ones not being used, change the drop-down menu under Show to All add-ons. Here you can remove the old add-ons that aren’t in use to free up disk space and keep your PC fresh and tidy.

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