After exhausting herself to the point of near delirium with the 24-hour non-stop drawing challenge Pendurance, Lizzie Mary Cullen is playing double-or-quits by drawing for two days solid on the walls of Base Design. The artwork will create a story based around tweets she receives, or at least until the sleep deprivation starts her hallucinating.

Lizzie will kick off the Draw My Story challenge at 1pm on Wednesday November 23, finishing at 1pm on November 25. A live video feed at will allow you to check that's she's awake and still clinging to her sanity.

Here's the blurb:

"Draw My Story is based on the old game 'fold over stories' when each person writes a line of a story and passes it on, resulting in a random, poignant, funny, dark and whimsical, meandering story. Twitter users don't have to follow on from the previous Tweet if they don't want to. The more bizarre, odd or hilarious the better. The only limit? 140 characters."