It takes just 12 days for the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to get child sexual abuse images removed from the web, the organisation has revealed.

That's a dramatic reduction on the time it took to get images removed a year ago, when on average the process lasted a month. The IWF says this time span is achievable "irrespective of where in the world [the images] are hosted"; in fact, if they're located in the UK, they can be removed within a mater of hours.

"Taking our content removal experience to the global level was a significant challenge, and to see such dramatic progress is fantastic," said IWF chair Eve Salomon.

"In every instance where an image is removed quickly, the risk of a child being re-victimised by someone viewing their abuse is substantially reduced."

Salmon said the reduction in response time was due to the IWF's dedicated team that works in conjunction with international telephone hotlines and law enforcement agencies to remove child pornography from the web.

"By developing this strand of our work and combining it with our intelligence of the commercial networks involved, we intend to have an ever-greater impact on the distribution - and especially sale - of images of children being sexually abused."

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