Three ISPs have signed up to offer the residents of Bournemouth broadband packages with speeds of between 25Mbps and 100Mbps, says H20.

The company, which has installed fibre cables into the existing sewer system in Bournemouth as part of its 'Fibrecity' project to provide towns in England and Scotland with super-fast broadband, said Vispa, Veolcity 1 and Fibreband are the three ISPs that will offer broadband, phone and TV packages using the fibre cables.

H20 said it expected the deals to start from £9.99 for 100Mbps internet access. It also revealed there would also be the option to boost download speeds to 1Gbps for a short period of time.

"This announcement is just the start, as we expect additional providers, large and small, to come on to the portal over the course of the year," Elford Thomas, CEO of the i3 Group, which owns H20, told ThinkBroadband.

"Now that service providers have a technology platform to support next generation services, I believe they will develop media rich applications that legacy copper networks simply cannot support."

Residents will be offered a free set-top box that will allow them to access the differet packages from the three ISPs, as well as receiving a number of digital TV channels free of charge for a limited period.

H20 said Dundee was the next area in the UK where it planned to install fibre cables, and the company is aiming to cover 75,000 home by the end of 2012.

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