How do you capitalize on the most popular memes without causing the entire internet to roll its collective eyes? Well you turn them into fluffy plush toys, of course.

Lucas Rayala has set up a Kickstarter campaign to create his own take on some memes you've definitely seen, and he's calling them Mr. No and His Meme Friends. Mr. No, the first plush Lucas is looking produce, is a pretty clear homage to Grumpy Cat, everyone's favorite disappointed feline. (Why no real Grumpy Cat plushie? We're guessing that trademark and copyright legallities are at play.)

For every $10,000 he can raise on top of the $7,000 goal, he will begin production on the next plush toy, and you get a say on which one comes next. The project is just beginning to pick up steam, so be sure to jump in for the limited time offers if you're interested in your own Mr. No plush.


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