Hong Kong and Finland renewed an MOU on co-operation in various areas of information and communications technology, the Hong Kong SAR government announced recently.

The MOU was signed by the Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology), Elizabeth Tse, and the Consul-General of Finland in Hong Kong and Macau, Annikki Arponen.

"Renewal of the MOU signifies continuation of close collaboration between the two governments, particularly in areas such as e-government, cloud computing, wireless technologies and creative industries," said Tse said.

She added that the MOU envisages collaboration not only between the two governments, but also among businesses and academic institutions in Hong Kong and Finland.

Under the renewed MOU, Hong Kong and Finland will continue to seek co-operation and exchanges in the following areas:

* delivery of government services online;

* multimedia and software applications and products;

* e-commerce;

* broadband networks and applications;

* Internet applications;

* wireless and mobile applications;

* digital broadcasting;

* cloud computing; and

* IT talent development.

The Collaboration will take different forms including investment and technology partnerships, commercial and industrial exchanges, facilitating technology development efforts, promoting educational and talent development, and exchange of policy and regulatory information, Tse noted.

Hong Kong and Finland first signed an MOU on ICT co-operation in 2000 and renewed it in 2005. According to Tse, mutual visits and exchange programs were organized between the two places since the MOUs were signed.