The Heritage Key website is offering web users the chance to explore a virtual recreation of Stonehenge.

The website, which allows users to view other heritage sites around the world including the Valley Of The Kings, offers a 3D recreation of the mysterious stone circle, along with the nearby Durrington Walls settlement.

Users can also interact with other users exploring Stonehenge and take a live tour with a guide, who will answer questions.

The site also offers integration with Flickr, Facebook and Twitter that allows web users to share the information they've learnt on Heritage Key with other users.

Jonathan Himoff from Rezzable, the company behind Heritage Key, said: "Not only can Heritage Key's virtual experience allow you to wander amongst the stones, we can also take visitors back in time to when the site was first built to learn about the origins of the site, as well as the life and customs of the indigenous people."

To explore Stonehenge visit the Heritage Key website.

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